Friday, May 30

Posts about the Troll Window

"A first-floor apartment window on 18th Street near Valencia acts as showcase and stage for a cast of wild-haired troll dolls, which appear in monthly scenes reflecting upcoming holidays or current events in popular culture. 18th St., between Valencia and Mission streets. It's been eight years since I've left SF- still, whenever I'm in town I have to pass by the window- last year I actually got to meet the creator- and we had a talk through the window..."

Kitchener Urban Tools City Guide San Francisco: "at each stop-over, I do a short trip-now there's a blogspot-for-fans" (Thanks, Astrid)

...and someone named "Weed-Dawg"...

Another post from Junk Thief (Thank you!) and neighbors chrisisgross (who put us on the blogroll, yay) and Emily (Flickr photos)

...and in 2004 the Troll Window was part of a scavenger hunt! Anyone who took pictures in front of the Troll Window should let me know so I can post them!!!

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