Thursday, November 15

Thursday, October 25

Happy Hallowe'en!!!

If you can't see the jack o'lantern in the picture, then you haven't visited the Troll Window at the right time of day. Hint hint.

Thursday, July 26

Up Your Alley - Party in the street!

Here is a troll that my grandmother gave 2 me. She did not give me a troll in a harness. I put the troll in the leather harness. So I could put it in the only 2 street parties that come twice a year. The grandma that gave me this troll was not happy that I liked them, but she wanted me 2 be happy. So she gave me one. And I love her for that. She was one AMAZING woman!!

Saturday, July 14

Close-up preview

Here's my friend Lizzi and a close up view of the troll she made a wonderful French outfit for for Bastille Day. Look for the window any day now!

It's Pink!!

Monday, May 21

Happy Mother's Day to All!

Sorry we were so late in posting this Mother's Day window display. We'll do better next time! We promise!

Sunday, March 4

Leave a footprint!

It's great to know people are visiting the window online: I love to read your comments!

In case you missed it

Of course The Troll Window is on the Mission's Sights and Culture shortlist!

Tuesday, February 20

Monday, January 1

Happy New Year 2007

Alfie's window, now visible worldwide

For the past 16-17 years, passersby the corner of 18th and Valencia who bother to look up (on 18th, east of Valencia, north side of the street) have enjoyed the festive windows Alfie creates to celebrate the season, current events, holidays, and the birthdays of friends and family. If you can't stop by in person, you can now stop by online!

Photo by Stephen Torres-Greene, Staff Photographer, Xpress Magazine, SFSU.